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I lost 40 pounds, and went from my worse shape to my best shape in one year.
“I started training with Jon over a year ago. I was forty pounds heavier than I am today, and overall, in the worse shape I had ever been.  Today, I am in the best shape I have been in many years.  His training style taught me how I could become stronger, more flexible, AND build endurance, all at the same time.  Jon pushes his students in a positive way.  His classes are never dull, and he keeps things new and fresh.  Whether you are in great shape or trying to get there, Jon's classes are fun and functional.”
Ramon C.
Age 39
Insurance adjuster
Grand Prairie, Texas
Training with Jon has reversed the aging process for me.
Before I started training with Jon, I was feeling the aches and pains of getting older.  Sore shoulder, aching back, fatigue, etc., but by attending his classes two times a week for the past two years, I am happy to say all that is gone, and I am feeling better than ever.
Jon's unique approach to training has reversed the aging process for me, by returning my strength, flexibility, and stamina to earlier days (my late 30's early 40's!).  So if you are thinking about joining a gym (don't!) or finding a personal trainer, give Jon a call instead.  He is more than a trainer, he is a coach, and his program honestly works."
Lester M.
Age 54
Project engineer
Frisco, Texas
I'm 45 years old- DOWN 19 lbs and at least 10% body fat in 9 months.  I didn't think it was possible.
“I started coming to Jon’s workouts in early September 2009. While I'm 45 years old, I believed I was already in good shape (177 lbs and unknown body fat %) and had been working out with a rowing machine and dumbbells for 4 days a week for the prior 5 years.
The first class I went to was humbling. I had to use adjustments to many of the exercises to make them easier and I was still completely exhausted at the end.  But after that, I was hooked, and I started attending Jon’s classes twice a week.
I didn't start with the goal to lose weight because I didn't really feel I had a lot to lose. But in three months I was obviously lighter and muscular definition was starting to show. I was also making it through the workouts a bit better and obviously getting much stronger.  I remember my reaction was disbelief simply because at my age I didn't think such a massive change was possible.  This was a turning point for me because I realized I was on a path to become as fit (or fitter) than I was in my 20's!
On December 1, I was 162 lbs and 17% body fat; down 15 lbs from September and undeniably leaner AND more muscular.
As of June 3, after nine months of training with Jon, I'm down to 158 lbs and 12% body fat.  I have not been this lean since I wrestled in high school, and I am much stronger now than I was back then!
My goal at this point is to get to 10% BF by my 46th birthday in November.
My new stamina enables me to enjoy 2-3 hours of intense martial arts training several times per week.  My pullups have gone from literally one when I started to multiple sets of 10+ now.  And I can crank out pushups with chains too!  But there's still work to do: I have to get that darn L-Sit to work for me and push to get my handstands and then handstand pushups going.  So much progress, but still no end in sight.  Just the way I like it!
In summary, training with Jon has changed my physique and fitness so dramatically in 9 months I never would have believed it was possible.  I started out nine months ago in what I thought was pretty good shape for a 45 year old.  Now I am in excellent shape for an 18 year old!  Thank you, Jon.  What you do works, it matters, and it can change lives!”
Todd W.
Age 45
Software consultant
Frisco, TX 
After 20 years of playing golf, I am driving 5 to 10 yards farther with most of my clubs!
“ I am an avid golfer and have been for over 20 years. I am probably around an 8 handicap, which is pretty decent.
Golfers are always looking for increased length and consistency in all facets of their games. The way golfers develop more length is to increase swing speed and overall flexibility. Leg, hip, and core strength are critical to the golf swing. Flexibility in the hips, shoulders, and back are also extremely critical. Jon’s training techniques are perfect for developing those areas, and I am speaking from personal experience.
Also, flexibility is essential for consistency. Being able to make that full shoulder turn time and time again allows for a repeatable golf swing...which in turn allows for a swing that hits the sweet spot of the club.
Just attending Jon’s workouts 2-3 times per week increase my overall strength and swing speed. I am easily driving 5-10 yds farther with most of my clubs...which is absolutely huge!
I can tell you not only has my golf game improved dramatically, but my overall strength and fitness as well.  I feel fit from head to toe, and by eating right and training 2-3 hours per week with Jon, I am most definitely in the best shape of my life!”
Chris N.
Age 32
Senior project manager
Dallas, TX
The athletic strength I attained through Jon's training literally saved my neck!
“In early December I was standing on the very top of a 5-foot A-frame ladder hanging some Christmas lights around my back porch.
I was almost done and needed one more staple into the wire to call it complete. At this point I was leaning across a brick column and holding it with my left arm while my body and right arm were completely outstretched trying to get my staple gun in place. Just as I was tensing to fire the staple the ladder slipped out from under me and I was set to fall on the side of a large rock planter and then onto a flagstone patio.
Surprisingly, when the ladder fell and gravity took hold, I didn't move!  Somehow my left arm contracted amazingly hard and my right dropped the staple gun and came to meet it. When I regained my faculties I was holding myself against the brick pillar using just my arms, with my feet dangling in the air, still five feet up!
Adrenaline?  Sure. But I still couldn't believe it. I recall one of my first thoughts being "Thanks, Jon!" as I lowered myself slowly and safely back to my patio.  I don't believe I could ever have caught myself like that without the functional, athletic strength I gained from Jon’s classes.  Being strong enough to catch my body weight like that most certainly saved me from serious injury that would have put a serious damper on the holidays, to say the least.”
William T.
Age 45
Small business owner
Flower Mound, TX
My sparring, ground game, golf, skiing, EVERYTHING is better, in six months!
Jon’s training style is a wild mix of strength/power training, cardio burn, and skill.  His class can benefit any martial artist, athlete, or “regular” person.  The program will make a better athlete-martial artist because it works the entire body in an intense but balanced way.  Jon keeps the class moving and never repeats a workout in the same week.  Jon’s class is way more interesting than doing reps on a gym machine and a way more effective use of your workout time.
Personally, my core strength and stamina increased significantly in just six months of training with Jon, and I continue to get better.  It has been a great benefit to me in sparring and ground fighting classes where I battle with guys over 20 years younger than me.  Flexibility, especially in the hips and legs, has always been an issue for me and really limited my athletic ability.  Jon's knowledge of physiology and coaching has greatly increased my range of motion, a great benefit.
This year I skied 6 straight days at Steamboat, Colorado and was on the mountain for 5+ hours each day.  Sure my muscles were tired, but this was the first trip where my joints and tendons did not ache, even on the last day.  Thank you, Jon!
Jon’s training also has improved my golf game.  Swinging a golf club takes speed, accuracy, and consistency.  A round of golf is 18 holes which takes around 4 hours to play.  Jon's coaching has made my swing a lot more fluid which makes for a better ball flight.  I shoot around a 100, but you better watch out because my accuracy is on the rise and I hit irons at nearly a pro's distance.  You won't see me dropping out of a round of golf because I am tired or the weather is too hot, either.
The health benefits, weight loss, functional improvements in my mobility, I could go on and on.  Bottom line is, train with Jon.  It is one of the best investments you can make!"
Curtis J.
Age 47
Web developer
Dallas, TX