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The next D.U.S.T. Urban Survival Seminar is September 10-11.  Enrollment is limited.  Click here to register!!
The dust settles...  You are alive.  Now what?
This eight hour seminar explores disaster scenario psychology, planning, and preparedness.  It includes thought process, decision making, and preparedness planning for small-scale individual disasters all the way through End-of-the-World scenarios.
The last decade is full of examples of natural disasters, terrorism, economic change, resource scarcity, pandemics, and political instability from around the world.   This seminar provides a framework for students to take rational steps for preparedness.  Any responsible individual who has considered the question of how best to sustain life and resources for self, family, and community in times of trouble will benefit from this class.
Intended to provoke thoughtful and productive action, this seminar includes hands-on equipment review and demonstration, but also develops thought process and prioritization schemas to promote resourcefulness and improvisation in the event that an individual is separated from gear, home, or family during a crisis.
This class uses memory enhancing techniques to promote retention and recall in times of crisis, and to motivate action in the critical time before a disaster strikes.
Some of the lessons the student learns:
-How to use the F.E.A.R. loop to deal with emergencies, both preemptively and reactively.
-How to apply the DEITY model of disaster classification, to facilitate better planning and preparation for any type of crisis.
-The Survival Hierarchy, and how to use it to act with SPEED.
-The seven P’s of problem solving, and SP3 mnemonic for resource planning.
-How to create emergency kits for work, vehicle, home, and travel.
-Bug out bag show and tell.
-Special kit preparation for home defense, convoy travel, small group evacuation on foot, and nuclear, biological, and chemical disaster scenarios.
The next seminar is September 10-11 in Dallas, Texas.  Click here to register.
Cost:  $99/person if paid before Friday, September 2.  $109/person if paid after September 2.  Enrollment is limited so sign up early!
The next D.U.S.T. Urban Survival Seminar is September 10-11.  Enrollment is limited.  Click here to register!!
What D.U.S.T. students are saying...
Dear Jon,
I just wanted to thank you for your generous instruction in the recent survival preparedness class you offered. It not only serves an immediate need should one find themselves away from comforts of home for three or so days, but your application of knowledge in this area has empowered me with the basis of preparing for long-term scenarios. Your approach is methodical, logical and fun-filled. I highly recommend this class to everyone who wishes to live a more attentive way of life and who wishes to be of service to others.
-N.B., Richardson, Texas
Dear Jon:
I attended your D.U.S.T. seminar last month and want to let you know how much I enjoyed it.  The information you provided is invaluable and was presented in the most interesting, captivating way.   Much of the knowledge I gained can be applied to daily life and is not just to be reserved for disaster scenarios.  I am especially thankful to know how to prioritize in an emergency situation so as to make the best use of time and available resources.
Please keep me informed of future seminars as I know several people who would like to attend the same one, and I am hoping to attend an advanced course.  Thank you.
-J.S.S., Fort Worth, Texas
"Disaster preparedness is something that we all should know something about but that I've never taken the time to think much about until now.  The DUST seminar was an engaging and often humorous introduction to this important topic.  Through the use of simple acronyms, team thought experiments, and demonstrations, Jon ensured we all left with a solid understanding of the key concepts and the ability to think both systematically and creatively should an emergency ever require it.  It was definitely money well spent..and that was just the first day!"
-T.W., Frisco, Texas
"I attended the D.U.S.T. urban survival seminar, and highly enjoyed it.  The seminar was professional, intuitive, and informative.  Mr. Burroughs and Mr. Severe both engaged the students and asked for discussion, personal experiences and information, which I find very useful to get the many different perspectives regarding catastrophic events and emergencies.  The displays and gear discussions were informative and appropriate as well as the discussions on security and the necessary equipment involved in prepping for emergency security.  I would like more classes like this from the D.U.S.T. instructors and guest speakers."

-S.H.S., Dallas, Texas 
"I thoroughly enjoyed every part of this seminar.  Jon did a magnificent job teaching all different aspects of preparedness.  The gear that was used, the displays, slide presentation-  it was very well put together, and the demonstrations, incredibly helpful.  I also liked how we as a class could bring in some of our own examples of preparedness and learn from each other!  I am very much so looking forward to the next D.U.S.T. class!  Thank you again and I will definitely be there for the next seminar!"
- R.L.R., Carrollton, Texas
The next D.U.S.T. Urban Survival Seminar is September 10-11.  Enrollment is limited.  Click here to register!!
Q & A with D.U.S.T. founder, Jon Burroughs
As a self-defense instructor, martial artist, and strength coach, Jon is concerned with making his students stronger and more capable of dealing successfully with adverse conditions and situations, both physically and psychologically.  To this end, Jon has created a practical and stimulating disaster survival training course.
Q:  Why did you create this seminar?
A:  We see disasters in the news on a regular basis.  There are earthquakes, tidal waves, terror attacks, tornados, hurricanes, floods, wildfires, riots, wars, etc.  And we are entertained by disasters in the movies.  There are zombies, viruses, asteroids, comets, plate tectonics, sudden climate change, and other forms of apocalypse dramatized on the big screen for our enjoyment on a regular basis.
What I realized is that people are often struck by disaster, and many, many more people are entertained by disasters, but few people are actually ready for disasters, to the extent that it is possible to be ready.  I created this seminar to help bridge that gap, at least for the people who attend and apply the principles that they will learn.
Q:  What is one of your main objectives for the seminar?
A:  If one of my students ever finds his or herself in a disaster, no matter how big or small, and manages to survive the initial damage, I want them to have a mental framework for taking steps to survive in the aftermath. 
Chances are, a person will initially be disoriented and under a great deal of stress.  I use memory aids in the course to help recall.  For example, take the word FEAR.  Chances are you will have it in a disaster.  I created the FEAR loop, for taking one step at time to deal with an emergency.  If you can remember in your fear the words: Focus, Evaluate, Act, Repeat, and apply that loop step by step to deal with the threats surrounding you, you will enhance your odds of survival.  This is just one part of the framework that we will build in the seminar.
Q:  What about preparing ahead of time for disaster?
A:  I also teach steps for preparedness, in terms of assembling kits, etc.  There are several aspects thatt I cover.  During the Y2K scare, back when we were going from 1999 to 2000, there was concern over embedded software inside all the electronic gadgets failing because only two digits were reserved to represent the year.  Inside all these gadgets, the year was going to go from “99” to “00” and the world was going to blow up.  A lot of generators were sold, I suppose so people could have electricity, to continue running all the gadgets that also were going to fail.  In the seminar, we analyze your survival hierarchy, so you can spend wisely and not merely enrich other people who want to profit on your fear.
A second aspect is that in a disaster, your preparations may not be with you or they may be destroyed.  We review the D.U.S.T. Basic Kit, which is a disaster survival set up, meant to be kept in vehicle, made primarily of multi-use items.  The intent as a training tool is that the kit is made of items so ubiquitous, that if a student is caught away from their gear in a survival situation, they will know what they need, and how to improvise or scavenge items to build a kit and upgrade it as opportunity presents itself.  In essence, the D.U.S.T. Basic Kit is like a poor man's bug-out bag.  In many ways, it is superior to fancier equipment once the student has mastered the use of the basic items. Gear can get expensive, so I want people to have a lower cost way to start that offers a tangible enhancement to their survivability, even if the kit is not with them when a crisis occurs.  This is introduced in the seminar, also.
Q:  How do people sign up?
A:  The next seminar is September 10-11 in Dallas, Texas.  Click here to register
Cost:  $99/person if paid before Friday, September 2.  $109/person if paid after September 2.  Enrollment is limited so sign up early!
Anyone interested in future seminars should contact me via email to be put on the invite list.  If you live out-of-state, the D.U.S.T. Seminar may even travel to you.  Email me if you are interested in facilitating a seminar in your town.
The next D.U.S.T. Urban Survival Seminar is September 10-11.  Enrollment is limited.  Click here to register!!